The Weekly Transmission 04/15/2022
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This week on the Satellite, we’re announcing a change to the format. When we originally had the idea for The Weekly Transmission, we were unsure what frequency we should be posting these updates. However, after writing a handful of these, we have learned a lot and think it would be beneficial to space the updates out more. So, starting next month will be The Monthly Transmission. This change will allow us to have more consistent transmissions full of exciting content. So, on the last Friday of every month, you will now receive a larger, more thought-out version of the transmissions of weeks past.


K: Let’s start with you telling us your name and what you do here at Satellite.

M: Hi guys! My name’s Mauro and I’m the Frontend Lead here at Satellite. The main focus for the frontend team is to build the User Interface for our app as well as try to develop the best User Experience possible for our future users.

K: So that must mean you work very closely with Liz. How often do you have to work with design because there are limitations in the development tools that make building a cool thing prohibitively hard? (Read the interview I did with Liz here:

M: Yep, indeed! Not so much actually, of course, there are differences when you take the design and code it and sometimes you need to rethink minor things but, thanks to all the teams here in Satellite, I’m sure we’ll achieve a pixel-perfect interface for our users!

K: I’m always really excited to see the things you all are working on come to life! What things are you excited about working here at Satellite?

M: The biggest thing I’m excited about is the idea to develop a platform where gamers, content creators, developers, and any other type of users can own their data and use them as they see fit, without having to trust any other third-party. Oh, and of course our team! Each one of us is involved in the blockchain and crypto space in one way or another so I think this is the place to be at the right moment.

K: Speaking of third parties, people are always at the whim of companies that may not have their best interests in mind. That said, if you could change one thing in the tech and social industries, what would it be and why?

M: Oh that’s an easy one. Tracking and analytics. People would be surprised to find out that with every button they press, every swipe they make, literally everything is collected and sold to the highest bidder under the guise of wanting to offer you a tailored service. That’s why trusting a service nowadays is very hard. People can’t really decide what to do with their data simply because at a certain point they stop owning them.

K: It must be relieving to work for a company that’s also against the selling of user data. That said, when do you think it’s ok for a company to collect your data, if ever?

M: Yes sure it is! Well, not all services must be decentralized and have on-chain data so it’s fine to store and analyze them in a database for example as long as they respect data protection regulations. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, so the main issue here is trust.

K: So, Mauro, when you aren’t leading our awesome front-end team, what do you enjoy doing?

M: Actually I have a lot of hobbies, in the summertime, I take care of my chili plants, during the rest of the year I like to bake bread, pizza, and related with my sourdough (Italian vibes), watch TV series.

K: Do you use your sourdough starter to make your pizza dough?

M: Yes exactly! I created the starter more than one year ago and I would like to keep it alive as long as possible.

K: I bet that tastes incredible. Now you said you like watching TV series. If you had to pick a TV series as your favorite, which one would it be and why?

M: they do! I’ll go with Better Call Saul because Breaking Bad is too mainstream. Why? I love Saul Goodman.

K: If you had to pick from the law firms in the show, which one would you want to work at?

M: Saul Goodman & Associates, who wouldn’t want to have Huell as a security guard?

K: Mauro, thank you for agreeing to let me interview you. I have enjoyed our conversation!

M: Thank you too, Kevin, glad you asked me! And I’ll take this opportunity to thank the entire team! Let’s keep on rocking!


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