The Monthly Transmission 5/27/2022
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This month on the craft, as we float locked in our mid-earth orbit, refinement has been a big topic amongst the crew onboard. As we hurdle towards Early Access, we have been looking at the foundations we’ve built here and improving in any way we can. We want the user experience to be the best it can be once you have the opportunity to experience the Satellite.

One of our efforts this past month has been to decrease load times across Satellite. For one, reducing the size of Satellite has positively affected loading times. Another measure to ensure a faster experience on Satellite is we are now hosting our own Textile hub, which has given us the ability to offer users a quick interface to IPFS (of course, you’ll be able to use your own in the future if you’d like!). That, coupled with giving users access as soon as Solana loads, has given the end user much faster access to the application.

We’ve always strived to keep Satellite platform agnostic. A significant part of keeping that promise is creating a modular platform. We think users should have the right to choose how and where their data travels. Putting all of your eggs in one basket is never a good plan. By making Satellite modular, we allow the users to decide which basket they place said eggs in. So this month, there has been work done to make plugging different blockchains into our app simple when the time comes for us to do that. As we continue to develop Warp, our development core, this extensibility and modularity will continue to improve.

We’re super excited to see what you think as we are so close to the end of our early access roadmap. We hope you’ll love using Satellite and possibly even building your own extensions on Satellite in the future. Again, we’re so excited to have you all here on this journey.


Kevin: Can you tell us your name and what you do here at Satellite?

Sara: My name is Sara. I’m the Lead QA Engineer here at Satellite.

K: For those who don’t know. What is QA, and what does a QA engineer do?

S: QA stands for Quality Assurance. Here at Satellite, the QA team works closely with the whole team to ensure the highest quality across every corner of our product. We review code changes before they go live, perform manual tests, create test documentation, add unit tests in order to validate that the code performs as expected, and automated UI tests to simulate user interactions and make sure all requirements are met, to achieve the best quality for our users.

K: That sounds like a monumental amount of work! What unique challenges, if any, come with working on our project that you may not face elsewhere?

S: I have worked on various projects, but it’s my first time on a blockchain project, so it has been quite interesting getting to know the inner workings of blockchain and how everything connects behind the scenes.

K: Having worked on other things in the past, is there something in particular that excites you working here at Satellite?

S: We have a great team. Working with blockchain tech as well as building an open-source communication app without any trackers is also pretty exciting!

K: I agree. We have an incredible team! You said earlier that you have worked on various projects in the past. That being the case, you must be familiar with the tech industry. If there is one thing you could change in that industry, what would it be and why?

S: It’d be great to have more open source projects like the one we are building here at Satellite, which allows us to share knowledge and experience and contribute to the tech community.

K: Sara, when you aren’t sifting through code or attempting to break our app for the greater good, what is it that you enjoy doing?

S: I like to go to the karts, bowling, and movies. I enjoy trying new outdoor activities, like bridge climb, paddling, and skydiving. In the summer, I like to go boat sailing.

K: What is your favorite piece of media (book, film, tv show, video game, etc.)?

S: Homeland.

K: Alright, ending with a fun one. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

S: Teleportation it’s very versatile.


If you have any suggestions or questions, be sure to leave a comment on this article, post a message in our Discord, or send us a Tweet. Thanks for reading, and look out for next month’s transmission.

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