— Multi-platform Messaging, Trackers Not Included.
5 min readMay 15, 2021

-- is a serverless P2P messaging platform delivering high quality voice & video with a feature-full text chat.

You’re not uploading selfies from a Nokia 2 Megapixel camera anymore. Times have changed and phones shoot 4K HDR video and crazy high resolution photos. Get ready for a chat that doesn’t limit you to 8mb uploads. You may bounce around looking for something better but everywhere you turn there’s another data-breach, or some other company buying your data and it seems like nowhere is safe. You’re a number to some mega-corporation’s advertising, or a target for a bad actor because your information was leaked and sold to the highest bidder.

There are a handful of services that allow you to chat with encrypted conversations however, you’ll find yourself giving up key features you and your friends use on a daily basis with less secure and privacy focused options.

This is where Satellite comes in…

Let’s talk about how we’re different. started as a pipe dream, remember when you could load software on a USB drive and be sure it would work forever, even if you the company that built it disappeared? We wanted to build something like that, but for communications. This meant ditching centralized servers, ditching total control over the platform.. operates no internal servers for our messaging platform. There are no databases where we collect information. There are no monolithic APIs to track our users and proxy their data. Data is stored on IPFS, operations are run on Solana. Everything we do is on one front-end application that can be downloaded and will continue to operate as long as the protocols we use exist. If they disappear, we’ve built our platform to be easily modified to run on another chain, another IPFS, another whatever is needed to carry on. We will continue this direction and let the community drive the future of our platform to fit their needs.

We did all this to bring a censorship resistant platform free from data hoarding and trackers. Satellite offers higher quality features than the centralized competition. While we’re still in the early stages and we’ve got so much planned we thing you’re going to love.

Let’s break down the core features.

We are very much under active development and will be for the next year, and will continue to evolve for years to come. But we’ve got some killer features lined up already we think you’ll like.

🚫 No internal Servers — does not proxy any data through it’s servers, in fact, it doesn’t need to run any servers internally. This means a few things. Firstly, we can’t, won’t and don’t snoop on your messages or data. Secondly, because most of the high traffic data is handled over peer-to-peer connections we can allow for the highest quality voice, video & screen share options with no cost to us, thus, no cost to you.

🎥 High Quality Streams — As mentioned above, because of how we’re built we are able to offer the highest quality audio codecs allow. This includes 510kbps+ audio and un-capped bit-rates allowing for 4k+ video streams.

📁 Larger File Limits —Anything below a 10mb limit for file upload sizes is not ideal. gives you the ability to upload 256mb files for free, with a 4gb limit on storage. Instead of limiting the size of your files you can upload, we instead give you the option to upload larger files and choose which to keep around long term.

🔐 End-to-End Encryption —All messages are encrypted before they leave your app. The moment you send the message we utilize symmetric encryption methods to ensure the only person who can read the messages you send are the ones you’re sending them to.

🔗 Tighter Integrations — Because we’re open source first, and built to be modular, we have a perfect starting point for tight-nit integrations. Text based bots for everything are over-rated, let’s move forward into rich UI based integrations without the need for approval or special partnerships. Extend our platform at your own will, to your own liking.

Where we’re going.

We’ve got a great starting point, but we’ve got a ways to go still before we’re where we want to be for a “1.0” release. We’re going to be transparent every step of the way, and you can continue to use and test our platform and all new features as they evolve. Here’s our rough plan so far;

Q1 2021 (Foundation) —

  • Build PoC core platform and release “Insiders Release”.
  • Group chats, Direct Messages and Voice, Video & Screen-Sharing.
  • Solana Migration.
  • Hiring & Team Building.

Q2 2021 (Ease of Use Focus) —

  • Unified logins across multiple platforms.
  • Absolute (Public Beta Mainnet Release)
  • Native Applications on Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS & Linux.
  • NFT Mini-Marketplace for Glyphs (Stickers), Skins, Partner Game Assets & more.

Q3 2021 (Community Focus)—

  • Community Servers
  • Stream & Content Creator Integrations
  • Music Integrations In Servers

Q4 2021 (Token & Future Planning) —

  • Launch SAT token.
  • Integrate Premium Memberships.
  • Community Feature Voting

Keep in mind, features further down our road map will start development sooner, and Insiders can test these features as they are developed, however the road map represents the MVP release of each feature.

Closing Thoughts.

We’re dedicated to building a platform that can help bring privacy and peace of mind to many people globally. We want to do this in a way that enables anybody to come in and add to the project. Most importantly although in some cases people may come in expecting a final product, we think it’s important for our supporters to be able to get their hands on the app every step of the way. With this, we’ll be nearing towards the “Insiders Release” which will be an MVP of our product. This is intended to let anyone come and play with the app, test it, and get excited. Maybe even get some of you reading this to come build with us.

We’re so excited to evolve during this next year. We’ve got some very exciting news coming related to funding, and the future growth of Satellite. We want you to be with us along the way and help drive this thing in the direction you want. Consider joining our temporary home in Discord and follow us on Twitter. Also of course if you’re interested in getting into the nitty-gritty and contributing, please check out our project on GitHub.