Insiders Release
2 min readApr 20, 2021


What We’re Building

Take control of your data, stop big tech from profiting off of your data, and upgrade your new chat’s quality across the board.

Satellite is built with a mission that focuses on two major points, prioritizing security & privacy and doing so while providing a better than industry standard feature set. We want to prioritize bringing you a platform that is privacy-focused and secure while not sacrificing on latency or audio & video quality. We’re also able to provide much higher file sharing limits and better usability. We operate with no data collection on our servers. We don’t have any servers. Everything you use interacts directly with the public blockchain. All of your data is encrypted so that only you and the people you send messages to can access that data. We couldn’t sell your data even if we wanted to. With that in mind, we still manage to offer incredible quality in the app. You can send 256mb files for and utilize 4GB of storage for free. Do you know what else is free? Our up to 4k video & screen sharing, and up to 510kbs+ silky smooth voice chats.

What to Expect

The Insiders Release is an early-access sneak peek at what we’re building. This release will have bugs, and there will be a lot of features that are not yet included. That being said, it’s an excellent way to try out the product as we build it! We’ll be releasing new features to this version constantly and you can join us for the ride. We believe it’s important to be transparent throughout all aspects of our journey and let you try the app as we build it is a perfect way to see exactly what’s going on behind the scenes.

How to Join

There are a few ways to join the Insiders Release, check the links on our website at to get started! We offer downloads for desktop, a live version on our website, and mobile apps on all popular platforms like Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Insiders Release is scheduled for early May.

**Edit** — We’re planning some big changes for our insiders release, the new target release date is late May.

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